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It’s time for a 180-degree flip from boredom to breath taking thrill! 
Bizarre Events, a prime choice in the event management industry, when it comes to stag and hen experience.  Situated in Washingpool farm, Main road, Easter Compton, Bristol, Bizarre events pioneers in the large-scale events ranging from birthday party events, stag and hen do’s to kid's party, giant inflatable games and the list continues…

Bizarre events live with a staunch belief of creating incredible memories from the unforgettable experience for which our team delicately put its heart and soul to make your day to the best memory list diary of your life.

Our services for you:
Stag and Hen experience
Since it’s your last night of freedom, why not make it unbelievably awesome!!!

Innovative games
Whether you are celebrating a birthday party, group party or any special occasion, every celebration is incomplete without those electrifying games! From Sumo Suits, Bungee runs to Pillow Bash, Zorbing we have it all for you!
And that’s not it!
How can we forget kids? Well, we have organised various fun activities which makesBizarre Events, the first choice for your kids birthday parties. Take a look!

Bristol's best stag and hen experience. Are you bored of seeing the same activitiesagain and again? You want something unique and not sure what?

Bizarre Events is different to everything else and it's the original!

An excellent activity of pure fun, 

with inflatable games, costumes and gunge included. We have a prison cell and dwarf on site too. Just make sure you have a spare change of clothes!


Sumo Suits


Sumo suits are the safest way for you to wrestle in over sized padded suits, it's one on one tussling fun for adults!

The object is simple, push, pull, trip or throw your opponent out of the padded ring or force them onto their back - don't forget the belly flop!!

The Bungee Run


 Strap on the bungee harness and see how far you can run before the bungee cord thrusts you back up the inflatable lane.

Race against an opponent and see who can place the Velcro baton furthest on the center wall before losing their footing.

Rodeo Bull


"Ride 'em cowboy!" How long can you stay on this mechanical bull surrounded by an inflatable bed. The bucking bronco is fully adjustable in speed and movement, by the trained operator, to suit a novice or a harden rider! 

Wrecking Ball


It's big, bold and it's extreme! Do you have the skill, strength and wit to knock your opponent off their podium? 

Last One Standing


A game of endurance, let's see who out of your friends is the last one on their feet. 

Pillow Bash


Gladiator style game, try and knock your opponent off the pole before they get you. 

Milk the Cow


Ready, steady, go! Milk the cow as fast as you can. 

Prison Cell


Yes, we have a prison cell for all those naughty stag and hens. 



With a choice of half body or hydro zorbing, we offer the best and most professional zorbing experiences with a true fun factor that needs to be experienced to be believed. 

Target Practice


Let's get to it and knock down the targets. We've got anything from cows to the Prime Minster for you to hit. 

Play Your Cards Right


Higher or lower stakes game put your body and mind to the test with "Brucie Bonus!" 



We don't bite, much! 

Handcuffed service, crazy outfits, meet and greet and much more... (available at an additional cost)


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